Why CryptoDox

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This project was simply started with a focused idea on eventually becoming the one-stop shop for all information related to Cryptography and Information Security.

Why not Wikipedia?

You might be wondering as to why we need to even start CryptoDox when there is a wonderful project called Wikipedia. CryptoDox provides the following which would eventually be more than the focus on Wikipedia as of today.

  • Information catering to novices to experts on the same site
  • Source Code, Psuedo Code, etc., for cryptographic algorithms
  • References to software libraries that provide cryptographic algorithms
  • List of relevant books on each topic

...and many more.

The best part of it being that Wikipedia and CryptoDox use the same license hence information can flow in either direction with ease. Its a win-win situation for both projects.

How do I contribute?

Just create an account for yourself and start contibuting relevant content. Administrators keep monitoring new content on the site to ensure they are categorized properly and are relevant to the field of cryptography. Just ensure that you do not upload copyrighted material withour prior consent from the author.